The Anywhere Bra™ is the world’s first hands-free
pregnancy bra that perfectly 
marries style, function and comfort.


Ollie Gray is a brand of all-in-one maternity and pumping bras which are comfortable enough to wear all day, and cute enough that customers will actually want to. Inspired by the founder's inability to find a suitable pumping bra during her pregnancies, Ollie Gray was born to solve the problems of nursing and pumping mothers everywhere.

I worked to develop a brand that best represents their youthful, vibrant personality, as well as appeal to fashionable mothers and mothers-to-be. It needed to be sophisticated and robust, without being too stuffy or sterile. It was important that the Ollie Gray bra spoke to the lifestyle of their audience — active young mothers who are looking for an all-in-one option for their nursing and pumping needs.

I worked as an Art Director on this project for Saturday Brand Communications.


The brand gets it's name from the creator's youngest daughter, Olivia Gray. They wanted to incorporate her initials into the mark while also creating something unique and able to stand on it's own in the athleisure and maternity markets. The result is a mark that is both floral and geometric, while also incorporating the initials in a smart, delightful way.

The mark lends itself well to the purple and blush tones of the brand as well, alluding to growth, rebirth and feminine power.

The Ollie Gray brand is one that is vibrant, energetic, and youthful. It appeals to the fashion-forward mom, the active mom, and those who are both. The logo consists of an icon which is highly-recognizable and designed to be produced across a multitude of apparel options as the brand grows.


As the brand grew in the early days before their product was ready to be sold, Ollie Gray needed a cohesive stationery suite which presented their brand in a sophisticated yet casual manner.

Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the first goals for Ollie Gray was to develop a crowdfunding campaign which would generate excitement and funds to help get their first production run off the ground. I was tasked with helping to create an informational and promotional video for the campaign, as well as a Kickstarter campaign design.

The video was crucial to the success of the crowdfunding campaign, as it played an integral role in explaining the unique functionality of The Anywhere Bra™. It told the story of how the bra came to be, featuring the founder Kate, and apparel designer Cara Sumpton (previously of Lululemon), to help add authenticity to the video, as well as a full feature rundown to help sell the product to interested investors.

The Kickstarter campaign ended after a one-month run, generating an impressive $30,000 — nearly 300% of the campaign's goal.



Having an always-accessible, always-open online presence for customers was crucial to Ollie Gray as they continue to grow in the market. I designed a full eCommerce site on the Shopify platform, opting for a clean, minimal design aesthetic to help the functionality and attractive appearance of the product shine first.

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It was important that the website was accessible and beautiful on both desktop and mobile, so I created a design that would translate well to a mobile device while not sacrificing on content or detail about the bra's functionality and unique, innovative features.

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