Leigh Bryant, a friend from college, approached me about needing personal branding which reflected her tastes, interests, and personality to compliment her software engineering skills and to equip her in the networking hustle. She wanted a clean and simple style with tones of oxblood red, as well as a dynamic, readable script.


Since I knew Leigh personally from our time together at the ECU School of Art and Design, I thought about the unique things that made her "Leigh". I wanted to incorporate the graphic, clean style she used in her own work as well as speak to her awesome (and growing) collection of tattoos.

Based on these observations, I delivered a four of 4 moodboards and proposed sketches:

She decided she wanted to go with the "Tender Hearted" direction, and I set off to make it a reality:

Leigh also really wanted me to incorporate my handlettering skills into her brand, so I created a suite of typographical logos. These logos were designed in a way that they could either live by themselves, or be used in contention with the illustrated mark I created, doubling the possible combinations in her branding suite.

Since Leigh has design skills, she simply wanted a toolkit she could pick from and use to build her own brand elements. I created a palette for her brand so she could use the exact color values as she built her website, and to keep consistency throughout her collateral.

I also designed a business card for Leigh to use in her interviews and future networking events. We went through a few various options, focusing on her favorite color (oxblood red) and presenting her contact details in a clean, readable way.

The final business card which won was printed on 16pt soft touch paper with spot varnish on the front and back of each card. The result was a velvet-y soft, highly dynamic card which Leigh was ecstatic to give out to employers.

email me at hello@annakateselby.com