Crown Town Compost is Crown Town Compost is a local food waste diversion group in Charlotte, NC. They collect compostable food waste from residential neighborhoods and corporate businesses via bicycle in every effort possible to be eco-friendly.

I was assigned to Crown Town Compost during the educational product development program, Night Shift 2.0 (hosted by Skookum), in Fall 2015. I worked as a UI Designer on this assignment. We created an administrative-level platform for users to create rider routes and manage client pickups and rider assignments.



It was important to establish a consistent, cohesive UI kit for the web application. I
based the colors and typography choices below off of the brand standards that Crown Town Compost had previously established.

Usability and clarity were supremely important for the application. It's main purpose was to serve as an administrative-level platform so that managers of the company could assign routes and manage pickups. Since the application would be used daily, it was important that the software was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.



text styling

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h2 - Open Sans 24pt 600

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h5 - Open Sans 14pt 700

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the applications

I first portion of our product was focused on one user flow through the route navigation feature of the app. I wanted to focus on a large, easy to navigate interface that the riders would feel comfortable using on tablets while on their routes.



user management feature

The second portion of the project, and the one that the developers was able to build into a real prototype, was to develop an administration-level management platform which Crown Town Compost could use in it's daily operations from a desktop.

night shift 2.0 - fall 2015

I participated in Night Shift, a free 14 week program that teamed me up with a team of 4 other participants to build a product from concept through launch. Night Shift combined guidance and weekly presentations by industry experts with hands-on teamwork experience. It was through my participation in Night Shift that I discovered my love for web development, product design, and designing for start-ups. 

To summarize our learnings throughout the program, we presented them in a slideshow which I designed, alongside the video of the app that the developers and I created.
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