Lowe's ProServices is a members-only wholesale shopping platform for contractors and MRO's from Lowe's Home Improvement. I was tasked with establishing a unique and identifiable brand for ProServices which stood apart, yet still adhered to the parent brand standards. I was then responsible for implementing that brand across various deliverables for the company.

I worked as a UX Designer on this project for Lowe's ProServices.


As part of my assignment to develop a unique brand presence for Lowe's ProServices, I created a series of email templates to be used by the production team for future email blasts.

Aside from creating email templates which reflected the brand I designed, I was also tasked with using those design standards to create an email flow which was sent out to potential contractors and Lowe's ProServices members.


I developed a series of banner ads which ran on the Lowes ProServices homepage to advertise the benefits of signing up for their Lowe's credit cards.


I created a small suite of icons to be used internally on all Lowe's Digital materials. I chose to create a set of badge shape which echoed the classic shape of the front of all Lowe's Home Improvement stores. I designed two badges for each of the main departments of Lowe's Digital (User Experience and IT), as well as two icons which communicated the 24/7 nature of Lowes.com.

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